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Multidimensional Healing & Transformation

In the module of this website entitled, "Natural Health", we discussed health issues and opportunities from a human perspective. In this section, we shall be discussing health from a multidimensional perspective.

Once we have achieved a certain degree of healing within our physical, emotional, and mental bodies, we are then in a position to begin undergoing more refined healing and purification processes. This usually involves an increased amount of interaction with our "support teams" within the higher dimensions.

As we have indicated previously, before we entered incarnation, a "life plan" was established to guide the overall unfoldment of our human life. As part of this life plan, we made agreements with our "support teams" within the higher dimensions that at appropriate times, and in appropriate ways, they would assist us in our preparation for the fulfillment of our mission. A significant aspect of these agreements involves assistance with our healing and transformational processes.

Our "support teams" may, and usually do, include a wide range of participants and resources. Following are three of the most common groups of beings:

  • Beings who have been trained in the medical and healing professions in various lifetimes often agree to provide healing assistance when they are "in-between" lifetimes, and functioning from the non-physical levels. In some cases they may assist us directly on an energetic level, or in other cases, they may work through embodied medical professionals, guiding them as they work with us.
  • There are angelic beings who are especially adept at providing healing assistance to humans. This is a path of service that they have chosen. And they work with us on an energetic level.
  • One of the most important groups of beings are those whom we normally refer to as "extraterrestrials". These are beings from other star systems who are here in voluntary service to Earth, and particularly to those of us who are embodied here on Earth. They function from within their spaceships, and in fact, some of their ships are designed especially as "hospital" ships. They also have access to various "healing centers" located throughout our galaxy and beyond.
One of the extremely important factors related to these support teams is the "universal principle of non-interference", which restrains them from assisting us unless we ask for their assistance. The "asking" can take place in a many different ways. But ideally, it involves asking for assistance and guidance related to the highest good for our life, and a surrendering of our human will (ego) to the direction of our Higher Self. This asking is not just a one-time process, but rather there needs to be a continuing reaffirmation.

There are times when we may want to ask for healing assistance related to a specific situation that we are dealing with, either physical or emotional in nature. But we are not always aware of specific health situations within our body that may need attention. And we also are not generally aware of the capabilities of our support team, especially the extraterrestrials. So it is wise for us to put forth requests of a more general nature, such as requesting healing assistance for "anything that would be in our highest good, and that would support our life mission and purpose".

There is another important factor involved at this time. In the module entitled "2012 - A Perspective", we discussed the upcoming opportunity to participate in "ascension", and the importance of preparing our bodies for the ascension process. Our support teams, especially the extraterrestrials, can be of great assistance in this regard.

Although there are innumerable processes and technologies that can be employed, we will share a few examples from our own experience to provide a sense of the opportunities available.


There is a group of exercises, sometimes referred to as the "Seven Sacred Rites", which have been in fairly widespread use among some who have been undergoing spiritual transformation. One of these seven rites involves extending the arms out to the sides from the shoulders, and then spinning around. This is very similar to a sacred dance of the Dervishes, from which they have become known as the "Whirling Dervishes".

The purpose of the spinning is to help release toxins from the cellular structures of the physical body, and it seems to have a similar effect on our energy body. It seems to be a common experience that when one first begins to do the spinning exercise, there is a tendency to become nauseous after just a few revolutions. However, for those who have the fortitude to continue with the exercise over a period of time, the experience of nausea gradually diminishes.

There is a process available aboard spaceships which is very similar to this. We undergo this in our higher dimensional body, not our physical body. There are small circular platforms that rotate. During this procedure, one stands upon one of the platforms, and then it is rotated in either the clockwise or counterclockwise direction. Again, the purpose of this procedure is to facilitate purification.

My own first experience with this was not pleasant! It occurred in late 1991. One day in the late afternoon I suddenly became very sleepy. This is usually a signal to me that my attention is needed within the higher dimensions, so I laid down to take a nap. When I awoke, a couple of hours had passed, and it felt like I had been in a very deep sleep. As I started to get up from the bed, I immediately became very dizzy and nauseous. I quickly laid back down on the bed, but the vertigo continued. Several subsequent attempts to get out of bed produced the same result. I finally decided to just stay in bed for the night, and was eventually able to go to sleep. When I awoke in the morning, most of the vertigo was gone. However, I continued to feel somewhat disoriented for the next couple of days.

At that time I had no memory of what had transpired on the ship. However, my guidance indicated to me the general nature of the experience. During subsequent months, the procedure was occasionally repeated. However, the experience of vertigo and nausea was very mild compared to the initial experience. Several months later, I was with a friend with whom I have shared many interdimensional experiences. We were both taken out to a ship, and underwent the spinning process together. Fortunately she is able to retain fairly complete memory of her other-dimensional experiences, so she was able to describe the process to me in considerable detail. We both have had numerous subsequent experiences with the spinning process, sometimes together and sometimes individually. And we have become aware that others seem to have undergone similar experiences.

Erasing Memory

It seems to be a fairly common experience among people who are progressing through their spiritual awakening and transformation that our memory of earlier parts of our lives tends to diminish. This is especially true of walk-ins. There may be various factors involved in this, but we would like to share a particular perspective related to this.

In a normal life cycle, we go through various experiences throughout the course of our life, and then very soon after our "death", we go through a life review process. In this process, we, along with our mentors from that realm, review each of the significant experiences of our life, to see what can be learned from the experience. Through this process, the energetic intensity of the memory of each experience is released, leaving only a dim residual memory in the background. Thus, at the completion of the review process, we are ready to begin the next phase of our evolutionary journey without the encumbrance of intense past memories.

However, the life plan for this incarnation for many of us anticipates that we will complete this incarnation through the ascension process, rather than through the death process. Thus, as an important part of our preparation for ascension, it is essential that we complete as much as possible of the "life review" process prior to ascension, rather than after we leave this dimension. So occasionally, as we progress in our healing and purification process, we are taken to various places within the higher realms and are led through segments of this life review process. As various segments are completed, the energetic memories (both emotional and mental) are released, just as they would be in an after-death review process. And from that point on, our ability to consciously access such memory is greatly diminished. In effect, this frees us up from the encumbrances of past human experiences, and enables us to more easily move forward with our spiritual transformation.

A close friend of ours had such an experience one night while we were staying at Mt. Shasta. She remembers being taken to the star system Sirius, and while there was guided through a review of some of the male/female relationships that she had experienced early in her adult life. Since that time, her memory and emotional attachments related to those relationship experiences are greatly diminished. She was told at that time that the Siriuns are especially adept at this kind of work, and that many of us from Earth have traveled there to undergo such a review and release process.

Opening Channels in Our Head

As we progress in our spiritual development, a considerable amount of work is done on us, especially our heads, by our support teams. Some of this work involves opening various energy and communication channels in our head.

Part of this work can be done on our energy body while we are up on one of the ships. However, some of it directly involves our physical body, and is done on us while we are asleep in our bed. So sometimes we go to bed at night, or lay down for a nap feeling absolutely fine, and then we awaken with discomfort at some location in our head.

Occasional, I have had the experience of awakening prematurely, before the work is completed. In such a situation, somehow I intuitively know that I am not suppose to move yet. Even if my mind attempts to send signals to certain parts of my body to start moving, it is as though the "will" to carry through with those movements just isn't present. It is as though I am in some sort of a force-field that prevents me from moving until after the work is completed. I have talked with others who have had similar experiences.

Implants - Becoming a Bionic Human

Many people find the concept of implants to be repulsive. We believe there are several reasons for this:

  • During certain periods here on Earth, implants have been used in a negative way to help control or "dumb-down" the human race. Although few people have conscious memory of those experiences, there does seem to be a residual sub-conscious memory in many people that evokes fear and concern.
  • Many people are concerned that the "New World Order" is already using non-consensual implants to track and control certain individuals for malevolent purposes, la the "Manchurian Candidate" movie.
  • The possibility of us having implants somewhere in our body if we don't know how they got there or what their purpose is, is understandably repulsive.
Having acknowledged these concerns, it is our belief that implants can have a useful and helpful purpose, especially as we move into deeper levels of our spiritual mission, which often involves interplanetary inter-planetary responsibilities. We believe that it is not uncommon for implants to be placed within various parts of our body by extraterrestrial members of our support team to assist us in carrying out our specific mission. If such implants are placed in us by our support team in this way, it would always be with the full consent of our soul, but most probably we would not have conscious awareness of such agreements within our human mind.

One of our reasons for addressing this subject here is that occasionally such an implant may cause discomfort in the area of our body where the implant is located. In such cases it is totally appropriate for us to ask our support team to readjust, or relocate, or remove the implant.


These are only a few examples of the wide range of assistance available to us related to our interdimensional healing and transformation process. A few important considerations to keep in mind are:

  • If one feels disoriented or perhaps some discomfort immediately upon awakening, it is quite possible that some work has been done on us. Usually the disorientation does not last for more than a few minutes, or a few hours at most, so it is wise to be gentle with one's self.
  • Most medical doctors don't have any awareness that such interdimensional intervention is possible. So if one goes to a medical doctor for assistance after such experiences, there is a danger that the symptoms will be misinterpreted, and inappropriate treatment administered.
  • Although sometimes in our humanness we may feel that we have lost control of the situation, it is well to remember that in our surrender to the "highest good", we have invited and given consent for such intervention.

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